Psaltery sonorous - an ancient Russian national musical instrument - one of the most favourite tools in Russia. Throughout many centuries silvery sounding of a psaltery accompanied the Russian person.
"Winter sun" of Odyssey Bogussevich - keyboard, composer, arranger; Pavel Lukojanov - psaltery sonorous; Zagit Alykov-drums.
Light, pensive, sparkling thoughtful folk tunes get to frameworks world music. New fresh sounding: ancient traditions and elements of a jazz, minimalism and style new age.
What goals did you first set for yourself and your creative work when you got started?
My goal was to fill the whole world with music! This is impossible, fortunately, so it ensures me of always having a job!

Do you have an ideal in music? And what do you aim for in your own music now?
My ideal is the point at which one starts to move forward. When you listen to other musicians, you can hear yourself in their music. But what’s most interesting is when you learn to listen – if you’re able to do this then all the knowledge in the world is at your fingertips.

What award do you consider the most important in your life and music?
Applause, warm words of gratitude, interest in the eyes of my audience, the success of my students, money for albums sold, concerts.

What can we expect from you at this year’s festival?
This is going to be our first time at Jazz Koktabel. I have loved Crimea ever since I was a kid and so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be playing with my band Winter Sun, which we like to call a project with an international sound, and in addition to our programme, we will be playing Take The A Train by Duke Ellington, My Little Suede Shoes by Charlie Parker and our most interesting hit, Gusli Blues.

Koktebel Jazz Festival 2012
Koktebel (20km from Feodosia)
29 August – 2 September
Tickets are 69 – 885hrv
For more information visit

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